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General information

Terms and conditions
Our general terms and conditions are found here.

Third-party funds
We do not receive funds from third parties and we do not have a trust account (‘derdengeldenrekening’).

Data security
We use Cloud Computing. We use ‘Advocaat Centraal’ software for our electronic files. We only use reputable IT providers, that meet the industry standards in the field of information security.

As we have been active in the legal field for quite some time, Hermans Peters Law has a large network that we are happy to use for you if necessary.

The following main (and sub) legal areas are registered in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Ingrid Hermans: 1. General practice, Civil law, 2. Insurance law (pension)
  • Inger Peters: 1. General practice, Civil law

Based on our registration, we are obliged to maintain our knowledge up to date. We train ourselves every calendar year and in every registered main legal area in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

Hermans Peters Law has an office complaints’ procedure

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